Admission Officer


Admission officers, also known as admissions representatives, work for an institution to recruit and communicate with new students or parents from a variety of venues. An admission officer might be responsible to travels to meet with students, answers questions about the school and evaluates potential applicants.

Admission officers schedule and conduct interviews and campus tours for parents, new student or representative person of parent or student. An admission officer might create or lead recruitment initiatives and use independent judgment and analysis to evaluate student applicants. He or she might also contribute to the creation of promotional literature for the admission office.


Admission officers need to be friendly and energetic as well as have excellent communication skills. He or She should enjoy meeting new people, giving presentations, and answering questions about this school. Extended travel might be required to meet with students and stakeholders.

In general, an admission officer needs to be familiar with this school and it’s curriculum and feel comfortable promoting it to potential students. We need a bachelor’s degree and a valid driver’s license as requirement. experience in college admissions and financial aid processes will be advantage.

Strong computer skills and proficiency with statistics can be helpful in organizing and analyzing admission information.

To apply please send your CV to