Early Years Programme

Our Early Years Programme focuses on the needs of children aged 1.5 to 3 and helps ensure they develop the understanding, skills and attitudes that they will need later in life.
The Early Years Programme curriculum is based on a number of principles, including:

1.    Providing learning opportunities that reflect the development of young children;
2.    Providing learning opportunities that build on what children already know and can do;
3.    Ensuring that all children feel included, secure and valued;
4.    Removing barriers;
5.    Developing strong partnerships between parents and the early years setting.

The philosophy of the Early Years Programme curriculum is that learning should be carefully planned with an emphasis on activities that are fun, relevant and motivating for each child. The teachers support the children’s learning through planned and spontaneous play. The Nursery Programme curriculum is organised into six areas of learning:

1.    Personal, social and emotional development;
2.    Communication, language and literacy;
3.    Mathematical development;
4.    Knowledge and understanding of the world;
5.    Physical development;
6.    Creative development.

Early learning goals have been identified within the areas of learning, with stepping-stones of progress towards these targets. Children will be at different stages towards achieving these goals, depending on their age and stage of development.

The Early Years Programme includes :

Circle Time
Story Telling
Nursery Rhymes
Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Nature Walks