Primary Years

The heart of the Primary School curriculum philosophy is a commitment to structured inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning. Six (6) transdisciplinary themes provide the framework for the exploration of knowledge. Teachers and students are guided by these themes as they design curricular Units Of Inquiry (UOI) for exploration and study.

Students explore subject areas through these themes, often in ways that transcend conventional subject boundaries. In the process, they develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop particular attitudes and learn to take socially responsible action.


International Baccalaureate (IB) – Primary Years Programme (PYP)
The PYP is designed for students between the ages of 3 and 11 years (Pre-School to Year 5). It is an international, transdisciplinary programme designed to foster the development of the child as a whole, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The PYP combines the best research and practice from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant and engaging educational framework for all children.

The Primary School encompasses students from Preparatory Class (5-6 years old) to Year 5 (10-11 years old). The learning activities focuses on: Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education & Swimming, Art & Craft, Music & Singing, ICT Research, Indonesian, Drama and Personal & Social education.