Early Years & Primary Years Coordinator

At JMS we pride ourselves in providing our students with high academic standards in a safe and friendly environment.

Here at JMS we provide fun activities in and outside the classroom. Through exploration and discovery our students learn about the world. Through small and group activities our students learn how to express themselves. JMS encourages activities that will help our students to develop their cognitive, social emotional, physical, language and creativity. Through hands on activities, exploration and discovery, the students enhance their thinking, research, social, communication and self-management skills.  We also teach our students values such as Respect, Tolerance, Empathy, Appreciation, Commitment, Confidence, Cooperation, Curiosity, Independence, Enthusiasm, Integrity, and Creativity.

By giving the best to our students, we hope they will continue to learn and be able to contribute to the society.


Windriana Wibisono

EY & PY Coordinator