JMS Year 5 IB PYP Exhibition 2019

On Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at 3:22 AM
By Karen

The PYP Exhibition marks a significant milestone in the learning journey of the Jakarta Multicultural School students and their teachers. It is a culmination of the PYP within our school and therefore, acts as summative assessment of our Year 5 students’ understanding of the PYP philosophy as it applies to their learning. It also provides a wonderful lens through which to assess our effectiveness in the overall delivery of the PYP at JMS.

Throughout the Exhibition process students combine the 5 Essential Elements of the PYP [1](knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action) and the IB Learner Profile[2] in a collaborative inquiry process and final presentation.

JMS Year 5 IB PYP Exhibition was a great success, showcasing the best of the IB PYP process. The students picked a trans-disciplinary theme (How We Express Ourselves) and began an 8-week journey of inquiry. They identified the Core Idea, Lines of Inquiry, and put it all together in a detailed exhibition chronicling the entire 8-week process.

The diversity highlighted the varied interests of the students, and the lines of inquiry displayed admirable depth of coverage.

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