School Facilities

Our vision is to support a culture of creativity and collaboration by providing facilities that allows students to express their best potentials.

Every school division carefully incorporates arts, music and physical education into the curriculum to help deepen students’ understanding of subjects and foster excitement as they create, and problem solve.

While encouraging them to become inquisitive learners we also rigorously encourage them to be responsible world citizens.


JMS houses three (3) libraries (one for each school – Early Years, Primary Years, and Secondary) Combined, JMS has a collection of 9,700 books, plus a large collection of audio-visual materials, newspapers, magazines and journals.

The libraries are open daily from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 4 pm.

Science Labs

JMS currently has three science labs each for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The labs share a preparation room and specific storage area for chemical and reactive substances.

The labs are fitted and equipped with all the technical resources necessary as well as interactive whiteboards and network connection to the school’s intranet and the Internet.

EY Playground

JMS place special emphasis on developing our little young ones’ abilities in a friendly, trusting and happy environment.

Our youngest students are integrated into school life and the particular characteristics of our teaching methods quickly and easily through specially decorated classrooms, available resources and the professionalism and nurturing care of our teaching staff.

Covered Swimming Pool

Indoor Sports Hall

JMS physical education syllabus is followed by all students at the school, in line with JMS Curriculum requirements with main objectives are for students to hone their mobility skills and encourage awareness of themselves and others, to gain understanding of the importance of physical education in balanced and healthy personal development and to hone their physical and social skills by taking part in different sports activities.

JMS aims is for everyone to enjoy physical activity and view exercise as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Art and Craft Room

Through creative exploration, JMS students are able to hone motor skills and better express their ideas and imaginations.

Students also conduct extensive research into artistic works, designers and architects to inspire and support their own work.

Soccer Field

ICT Room

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applied to education are of great importance in our educational project and JMS school’s syllabus.

At JMS we are including Information and Communications Technology and the use of mobile devices as tools to enrich all aspects of the curriculum.

Music Room


JMS cafetaria will not serve students food that may contain peanuts, nuts and seeds of any kind or foods processed with these items or their by products.

This to include families, faculty and staff are respectfully asked to refrain from bringing peanuts, nuts and seeds of any kind or foods processed with these items or their by products, such as oils, into the school.

This includes products which state “may contain traces of nuts/peanuts/tree nuts” or “manufactured in a facility which processes” nuts/peanuts/tree nuts.

Assembly Hall

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